Visionary Art and Music
in Celebration of Creative Resilience/Resistance

Right Now! — a song about climate change performed by Diana Lindley and friends


Music presented in cooperation with Gretchen Sleicher
and her web site. 

Expressing the Spiral of “The Work That Reconnects
as developed by Joanna Macy

Songs for Going Forth

Songs of Gratitude

Songs for Seeing With New Eyes

Songs for Honoring Our Pain for the World

The Great Turning
is a global change of heart and ways of living, a more nurturing, appreciative and sustainable relationship with the Web of Life, a shift toward a life-enhancing human presence on Planet Earth.

Songs, especially when sung together and in harmony, are a vital tool in the Great Turning and a great enhancement to the interactive group processes developed by Joanna Macy known as the Work That Reconnects. They help us experience in the body our connection to each other and the planet, summon our collective courage, enliven us and inspire us to play our part in creating a life-sustaining society.

We present here a collection of songs that are easy to learn and sing in groups, at Work That Reconnects gatherings, in our work in the world, in our daily lives. They are grouped thematically around the four points of the Spiral, a conceptual guide used in Joanna Macy’s practices.

Click on a song category in the spiral above to see a list of songs exploring that theme, or use the pull-down menus above to go directly to a specific song. The individual song pages feature lyrics and recordings of the songs and each of their parts, so that you can learn them, teach them and pass them on. Soon this website will enable you to recommend songs to add to the collection and help grow this site into a worldwide resource to sing in the Great Turning!


A deep bow of gratitude to Iasos for many of these suggestions.

Visionary art and music allow us to dream of worlds being born but not yet visible.


A Gift From the Earth — Sculpture by Vijali