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ARTICLE: An invitation to Peer Learning for the Great Turning


The Scholar / Artist / Activists shown below have generously allowed us to include their work in the EarthLearn.NET Online Library of the Great Turning

Carl Anthony, Architect and Climate Justice advocate
Author of The Earth, the City and the Hidden Narrative of Race

(Click here to visit Carl Anthony's page on this website.)

Michael Geis, MD, Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist
The videos on this website are my most impassioned discourses on the subject of coming alive. They all reveal my reaching out beyond Psychology to the arts, especially to poets. In this quest I have been deeply influenced by Carl Jung, and the many Jungian thinkers who carried forward his work. (Click here to visit Michael Geis's page on this website.)

Vijali Hamilton, is a visionary artist, sculptor, poet, musician, author, and teacher. Over one thousand of her artworks are in museums, public places, and private collections.
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David Hartsough, Quaker Peace activist and nonviolence trainer
Author of Waging Peace: Global Adventures of a Lifelong Activist

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Randy Morris, Ph.D., is Professor Emeritus at Antioch University Seattle where he taught in the BA Liberal Studies Program for 30 years and was the coordinator of the Psychology and Spiritual Studies concentrations. Randy’s quest for an eco-spiritual revelation adequate for our Dark Night of the Species Soul has led him through experiences as an elementary school teacher, vision quest guide, dream worker, martial artist, musician, community ritual leader and elder-in-training. Randy’s investment in the Great Turning takes the shape of five grandchildren, ages 1-12.

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Gretchen Sleicher, Musician, singer, composer, community choir director
Creator of Songs for The Great Turning music archive

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Mary Watkins, Scholar of liberation and depth psychologies, co-foundeer of the Community, Liberation, Indigenous, and Eco-Psychologies M.A./Ph.D. specialization at Pacifica Graduate Institude.

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